Custom Tours

Whether you are planning a family getaway, a Moroccan honeymoon, a Jewish heritage tour, or just want to travel with friends, we will work with you to plan a custom tour tailored to you.

Custom tours provide a viable way to enjoy greater flexibility. They enable travelers to truly engage with their own tour. Wanderlust Travel has the in-depth knowledge about Morocco to work with travelers and create the best possible itinerary based on personal preferences.

The tours allow couples or families to explore this exciting part of North Africa. Unparalleled flexibility makes it easier to add extra days at the start, middle or end of the adventure.

Custom tours can be used to explore Morocco's hidden treasures, which provide a wide variety of experiences. It is possible to opt for short stays at key attractions and engage in sightseeing escapades on foot or automobile.

These guided tours offer a surefire way to retain full control of the itinerary. This enables travelers to engage in unplanned activities after seeing something interesting midway through the tour.

With Belghit (Moroccan living in US) as a guide, you get all the inside knowledge with none of the problems of hiring a local. Your tour will start at a US airport and you will be guided all the way until you are back.

The adventure can focus on a particular aspect or remain open-ended. The options are truly endless, and the customized tours eliminate the need to worry about being rushed to the next stop. The approach is relaxed, thus allowing travelers to enjoy the sights at their own pace.

Families and couples canvenjoy the freedom to pick restaurants and the ideal time to dine.

Here are some specific ideas that customers have used for our custom tours. You can use these as a starting point for your own creation or to create inspiration.

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Morocco travel options

Morocco is well known for its magnificent attractions, exotic cuisine, and intriguing culture. It is the best place to experience the Sahara on a camel trek. Also, it offers the Imperial cities, the vast Atlas Mountains, and Atlantic beaches. The adventures can be tailored to commence on any day, for any number of holidaymakers and duration.

When you opt for our travel agency, you will be taken on a private tour once you have rested and fully recovered from the flight. Depending on your specific requirements, you may begin the adventure by visiting monuments, such as the eye-catching Hassan II mosque and the La Corniche.

You have access to a private vehicle and a chauffeur. This allows you to venture in different parts of the country, including Marrakech. Some of the accommodation options available to travelers in Casablanca include the Riad Kalaa, which was constructed in 1815.  The hotel offers a selection of standard and deluxe rooms as well as suites from which to choose.