Marrakech is perhaps the best known destination for travel in Morocco, primarily for it's famous square. The Jamaa el Fna square is the social, cultural, and geographic center of the city.  Over the centuries, it has served as a meeting place and trading spot for people from the north and south to come together.  Today, the square is animated by an intense life where the miserable and the sublime combine to offer an amazing spectacle. Onlookers, musicians, shopkeepers, dancers, snake charmers, beggars, and healers form a diverse and motley crowd. At nightfall, the gargotiers then settle and the place is transformed into a vast open-air restaurant. Songs and dances are planned, and the drums resonate into the night.  The mosque Quessabine indicates the entrance of the souk (market), a labyrinth of shops and stalls, selling all manner of trinkets, spices, clothing, jewelry, and anything else you may wish to buy. We offer custom tours to Marrakech that let you see a completely different side of the city. It's also a great destination to include in an all-inclusive Morrocan honeymoon.