" Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel, while voyage is recognized as a course of travel or passage. Wanderlust voyages on the other hand, can be described as a company that provides an experience of a lifetime fulfilling and exceeding ones desires to not only witness landscapes, cultures, and people of Morocco... but rather immerse you in moments in time that won’t be forgotten. The biggest advantage of an adventure with Wanderlust Voyages is having Meghan and Belghit on your team to create a local’s perspective on the fascinating country of Morocco. Looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful place with Wanderlust Voyages in the near future. "— Lizzy, San Diego

" Went on a grad school trip with wanderlust voyages and can warmly recommend them! We had an outstanding experience and Megan and Belghit went above and beyond to help with anything and everything. I particularly loved the trip to the desert with a night in fancy tents. All the sights and activities were thoughtfully selected and the guides were knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. Special shoutout to Brahim who was our guide and support on all trips in Morocco. Loved his upbeat attitude and his jokes! Also, Wanderlust Voyages is not your average agency that serves masses of clients with no care for the individual - this is a small one run by the lovely couple who makes you feel part of their little family. If you want a guided safe and fun tour through Morocco - this is the go-to agency! Thank you so much for the memorable vacation again! You guys are the best!! " — Sarah, New York

" My recent trip with Wanderlust to Morocco far exceeded my expectations. Absolutely no complaints. We got to experience great accommodations including both hotels and riads, and exciting tours. I was especially appreciative of the comprehensive knowledge of the Wanderlust’s crew and the special care they took to insure each guest was satisfied. I am a frequent traveler and can’t remember having more fun than was had on this trip. " — Stephanie, Baltimore

" I spent 10 days with Wanderlust. I brought a group of students and friends with me. Wanderlust organized a wonderful trip and everyone had a great time. They know Morocco well and gear the trip to your needs. We saw a lot, had great guides in Fes and Marrakech; we ate delicious food and heard great music. We were introduced to the history of Morocco; we saw cities and wandered the souks; we rode camels and dune buggies in the desert and stayed in luxury tents; we traveled the Atlas Mountains; and so much more. Belghit and Megan really wanted us to enjoy the trip and they stayed in touch with us throughout to make sure we were getting what we wanted. All returned enriched and contented. I highly recommend Wanderlust to anyone who is interested in traveling to Morocco. They will work with you to create a dream adventure. "  — Danielle, New York

" I experienced the trip of my lifetime with Wanderlust Voyages to Morocco. The lodging was 5 star, the meals were delightful and the tours were magnificent. Our driver was excellent. When you need a unique Moroccan experience this is who you contact. The owners are amazing. We also received a great history lesson about the people, their customs and their life style. You must go. " — Yvonne, Baltimore

Our recent tour to Morocco was way better than we expected or even imagined. Morocco is a fascinating country, full of history, beauty, adventure, and some of the kindest people you will ever meet. Our tour was well planned and we were well taken care of and didn’t have to worry about a thing. From the knowledgeable guides to the fascinating craftsmen to the incredible food and hospitality, it was an amazing trip. Great job guys, and thanks so much for a truly unforgettable experience! " — David and Kim, Payson

I thought Morocco would be a "Once in a lifetime" experience but afterwards I hope to make it a tradition. From the customized tours, food, riads and attention to detail, I would only choose Wanderlust Voyage to tailor my trip to Morocco! Can't wait to return! "  — Jessica, Fairbanks

" Only knowing I was in for an adventure, Wanderlust Voyages took us on an incredible journey exploring Morocco. We experienced so much history and culture, as well as modern Moroccan life, with some amazing guides. We saw beautiful scenery, met wonderful people, ate delicious food, and we were taken care of every step of the way. Thank you, Megan and Bel! " — Tricia, Seattle

" It was a wonderful time in Morocco.  Thank you for everything you did to make the journey special.  I will never forget it, and I look forward to my next visit to your enchanting country. "— Ricarda, Catskills

It was a fantastic trip in a country I truly love.  Thank you does not express what a great trip I had.  Belghit was a great host, always ready to answer questions.  I've updated and increased my knowledge of Morocco and it's beauty tenfold because of your generous journey. " — Wendy, New York

" Wanderlust Voyages creates excellent trips to Morocco! We had a comfortable vehicle with an excellent, safe driver, saw fabulous sights and stayed in a great mix of smaller riads, larger luxury hotels, and small hotels with personality. Belghit Babat, one of the owners of Wanderlust, escorted our group the whole time and was a personable, wonderful travel companion. We visited great sights, ate fantastic food (I am still dreaming of the chicken kebabs at 1 stop), and there was a good mix of shopping too. I didn't know what to expect as a woman in Morocco, but felt safe the whole time.   I can't wait to go back and see more of Morocco with Wanderlust. "— Eva, New York

" Want an authentic Morocco experience - go with Wanderlust Voyages. " — Lucinda, Dallas

" This was a wonderful trip! Once in a lifetime! Highly recommend! " — Mindy, New York

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