Why Moroccan Tours?

One question I've gotten asked recently is, "Why tours to Morocco?"  A fair question.  After all, before I met Belghit, I had never really thought much about Morocco.  I had always enjoyed traveling, and had visited England, Japan, Thailand, and Mexico previously, but only considered Morocco in the the vaguest sense.  A friend of mine had been before, and, when I moved across the country for law school, she suggested we meet up there for New Years Eve the year after I graduated.  Even then, I knew very little.

But when I met Belghit, and he started telling me about Morocco and showing me pictures of all the amazing places, I became very interested in going.  When he invited me to come with on one of his trips, I excitedly accepted.  I didn't know quite what to expect, even though he had told me some things about the country.  I knew it was warm and sunny, that it was an Islamic country, and that anyone I know who had been there loved it.  From the start of my first trip, though, I absolutely loved it.  

Morocco can be almost overwhelming to take in.  All the sights, sounds, people, and traffic. One of the things I love most about traveling is experiencing new things: new cultures, new foods, new styles.  Morocco has all of that.  There is so much history, so much intricate architecture, so much to experience.  The people are always friendly and welcoming.  The views are stunning all over the country: the Meditteranean Sea, the Sahara, the Atlas mountains, the Gorges.... Morocco has a bit of everything.  The bustling markets are always fascinating to explore.  The food is amazing.  There is so much to do and see that I'm always looking forward to my next trip.  It has become my favorite place to visit, and because it is so affordable for Americans to travel there, I am able to spend so much more time there than I could in many other countries.

I've enjoyed my travels to Morocco so much that I've encouraged my friends to visit.  So when Belghit and I began talking about doing this for a business, I realized it was a perfect idea.  I think that everyone would love Morocco if they visited.  And, given some of the tensions that have existed in the US for the last couple of decades, I think it would also be good for people to visit Morocco to get a better idea of what an Islamic country is.  So many people in the US have a skewed view of Islam and what it's about, simply because they don't know anything other than what they hear sensationalized on the news.  If they were to visit Morocco, they would see that it is about peace and helping others, not about hatred and oppression.  When people think of the way Islamic countries treat women, they think of the places where women's faces aren't allowed to be seen and they can't live their own lives.  But again, Islam isn't about oppression and degradation.  Women in Morocco are free to do as they choose.  To marry or not.  To divorce if they want.  To go as far in their education as they choose, and to own their own businesses.  I think that if more people visited Morocco and saw this for themselves, they would realize there is no more to fear from Muslims than there is from Jews or Christians.   

So, why Moroccan tours?  Because it is a beautiful country full of friendly people, with so many things to see and experience, and really, there's no reason not to. We offer  completely tailor-made Morocco discovery tours that will allow you all the freedom to explore this beautiful country.