Activities and Excursions

Morocco is one of the most enchanting countries in the world, and any event held there would not be complete without enjoying some of the local culture. Golfing, city tours, and multi-day excursions to the Sahara Desert, are just some of the examples of activities for your guests to enjoy pre- or post-event.




Morocco is home to dozens of golf courses of various difficulty levels, ranging from 9 to 45 holes. Many are found in stunning settings all over the country, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Atlas Mountains.

Golf courses are available in or near: Agadir, Casablanca, El Jadida, Essaouira, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes, Ouarzazate, Oujda, Rabat, and Tangier.

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Each city you visit offers a wealth of history as well as modern must-see gems. Explore your surroundings with a private guide with walking tours through the city.



From modern art to woodworking to Arab-Judaism, Morocco is home to many fascinating museums to entertain and educate on a variety of topics.

La Sultana Cooking Class

La Sultana Cooking Class


Learn to make traditional Moroccan dishes with a hands on-cooking class.

There are different kinds to choose from - a standard class-style with an A/V setup to ensure everyone has a good view, an open-air rooftop kitchen, or a more intimate setup in a restaurant with a local chef.



A traditional Moroccan hammam is an incredible experience that involves bring scrubbed down with special soap while in a steam room, a ritual that leaves you with incredibly soft skin.  To complete the relaxation experience, visitors may also opt for massages, rhassoul clay wraps, or argan oil hair treatments.



For adventure-seekers, an early morning hot air balloon ride with a view of Marrakech and the surrounding mountains from 2,000 feet is the perfect activity.

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The Atlantic Ocean on the western coast of Morocco provides incredible surfing through much of the year for amateurs and professionals alike. Whether for newbies who are looking for lessons or for seasoned pros looking to join the surfing competition in Rabat, there are great spots to be found all along the coast.



The Atlas and Rif Mountains provide ample opportunities for hiking throughout the country.

Hard-core hikers will like Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas range, whereas those who’d prefer a more gentle activity may hike through the Valley of Roses. Professional hiking guides are available to ensure the trail is completed trail safely. For the more adventurous, there are also multi-day treks available through the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert.



If there isn’t enough time to make the multi-day trek to the Sahara, the Agafay Desert is just outside of Marrakech! With camel rides, quad rides, and luxury Bedouin camps, travelers can get a taste of the desert while still making it back for the meeting.




One of Morocco’s oldest cities and the city that has spent the most time as Morocco’s capital, Fes is steeped in history. The old medina is a living museum, with people living and working there much as they have for hundreds of years.

Fes is also the handicraft capital of Morocco, and you will find artisan workshops still creating things by hand, including mosaics, silk weaving, wood working, embroidery, and the famous Fes tannery, which operates today in much the same way as it has for the last thousand years.



The enchanting blue-washed city calls to travelers the world over! Nestled high in the Rif Mountains, no one truly knows why this former Portuguese stronghold is painted blue.

Explore the charming medina, hike up to the former fortress further up the mountain, or perhaps relax at the pool overlooking the city.

If you have more than a day or two, you can include Tangier, the lively port city on the Mediterranean coast, within sight of Spain.

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Morocco is home to incredible beaches for those who want to add a bit of surf and sand to their trip.

Essaouira is a historic city that offers a laid back medina, while Agadir is a more modern city with a bustling waterfront, and Tangier is a blend of both the old and the new, with an incredible nightlife.


The Sahara is undoubtedly one of the most magical places in all of Morocco. With camel rides, quad excursions over the dunes, and a night in a luxury camp, visitors will feel as if they have stepped into another world - one where time slows down and you can feel yourself relax into the pace of the desert.