When is the best time to go?


Morocco’s vast variety of climates make it a great country to visit year-round, though the best cities to visit will vary with the seasons.


Coastal Regions, along both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, are temperate year round.  Agadir, Essaouira, and Tangier all have mild winters and temperatures in high 60Fs in the summer. However, due to its proximity to Europe, these coastal regions are also a popular destination for many Europeans during the summer months, and may get a bit crowded.

The Atlas Mountains are a good place to visit between April and October, as long as you don’t mind a little heat during your hikes. Outside of those months, you may encounter snow in the peaks.

Spring and autumn are generally the best times to visit all of Morocco, as the weather is pleasantly warm, unlike the cold the winter can bring and the scorching summer heat. This is especially true if you wish to visit the Sahara Desert region and Marrakech, or hike in the Gorges.

Winter is also a great time to travel if you prefer to avoid the crowds, allowing you to see a more authentic picture of daily life in Morocco than in the higher tourism seasons.  While a bit colder at night, it can still be a very good time to visit the southern part of the country. The Sahara Desert, while comfortably warm during the day, can quickly drop to freezing on a winter night.  If you plan on camping, be sure to bring layers!

For those travelers who do not enjoy the heat, Marrakech, Meknes, and Fes also become cooler this time of year, but also have cold nights and a higher chance of rain.